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I am a painter and a teacher. 


My current work grew out of paintings I made after the birth of my first son. Crunched for time I eliminated the aspects of my studio practice that were slowing me down and began developing images through the repetitive practice of painting only lines. The paintings were made one line at a time, usually in one pass over the surface. Reducing the image in this way freed me up to focus on the formal elements of painting that matter to me most – composition, color relationships, transparency, and the illusion of depth. 


I received my B.F.A. from Alfred University, and my M.F.A. from The University of Iowa. My work has been exhibited at The Yard, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and in and around Boston, at Carroll and Sons Gallery, Proof Gallery, and 13 Forest Gallery. In 2012, it was included in the publication, New American Paintings. 


I work in a studio at Waltham Mills, in Waltham, Massachusetts, two miles down The Charles River from my home, where I live with my husband and our two young sons. In addition to my studio practice I am committed to the field of art education and I teach at an independent high school when I’m not in the studio.